Interface design… the human-machine connection. User-centric design drives success across hardware and software product design and marketing.  ContentX brings art and creativity to engineering projects, and the human perspective to technology endeavors.

us·er in·ter·face

the means by which the user and a computer system or electronic device interact, in particular the use of input devices and software.

us·er ex·pe·ri·ence

the overall experience of a person using a product, such as a device, website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

CLIENT: Dolby Labs
PROJECTS: A family of software & hardware interfaces

Dolby Labs provides much more than just embedded audio technology. We have designed on a range of products for Dolby Labs, including: Digital Cinema, Dolby ProAudio Plugins, Dolby Media Tool, DP Program Optimizer, Dolby Decoder, Dolby Cinema Encoder and several black projects.

CLIENT: Efficient Drivetrains (learn more…)
PROJECTS: Product Demo, Vehicle Dashboard, In-Dash InfoPad

As a leader in commercial vehicle electrification, Efficient Drivetrains (EDI) has had a range of integrated software applications, from their in-dash feedback apps, to desktop telematics and tracking, to marketing tools and their user interfaces. 

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PROJECT: Hardware product reference line & software suite

Prior to selling off their technology assets, Zoran was one of the largest consumer electronics firms globally. We introduced to them the nation that we could convert their products to a line of “connected” products. Over several years, we helped them form a connected products division, designing a full reference line of products, and spinning off several companies to provide specific product lines, including Vidiva and the award-winning iSee product.

CLIENT: Miscellaneous
PROJECTS: Various Interfaces and Experiences

From CDROM and DVD, to connected applications, ContentX has helped with all aspects of the user design process across every form of technology. One part social engineering, one part brand integration, one part design innovation, and all hard-work, understanding and translating user requirements into a smooth functioning piece of technology is one of our specialties.


Lockheed Martin – Simulation Based Design, GUI, marketing
Cisco – animation, writing, user interface, conceptual design
Creative Labs – Realtime 3d audio gaming demo
Intel – new technology demos
OneFish – promotion for new modular web browser
Oracle – corporate presentations, infographics
Hewlett Packard – new technology demos, corporate presentations
Siemens – CD-ROM product demo, videography
Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal – advanced online research, prototyping
Iwerks Entertainment – GUI design, prototyping
Apple – product demonstration CDROM, prototyping
Grolier Interactive – CD-ROM game interface
Plantronics – animation, videography, DVD / CDROM
NetApp – user interface, corporate video, product materials, advertising
Borland / Enprise – web animation, videography, animation
SCO (Santa Cruz Operations) – corporate video, animation
Fair Isaac – marketing CD-ROM
Applied Materials – intranet
Consilium – corporate website & secure intranet, 3d graphics
Rock Shox –  product visualization, 3d graphics production
Novell – GUI design, DigitalMe online service design, prototyping
NHK Japan – 3d graphics, NASA real-time mars landing simulations for TV

User Interface & User Experience
the human hand and eye meet technology, head-on