Design Services
We provide multidisciplinary design services across a wide variety of markets and industries, with a diverse set of in-house talent in the areas of:

As a design-centric organization, we strive to maintain market-focused solutions, direct client to designer interaction, and premium quality through an iterative user-centric design process. We are happy to help your organization with any part of your process, or provide production from concept to final delivery.

Production Services
While our in-house skill set is diverse, we also have direct access to a variety of contract production specialists insuring top-notch solutions for any challenge! ContentX provides the following in-house media, technology and marketing support services:

Technology Services
Great design plus great technology equals a great product. Whether in collaboration with your in-house technology team, or as an end-to-end technology development service provider, we can support a wide base of systems, platforms, applications and devices, including Mac or PC, mobile, Internet, website, human user interface, database development and beyond…

Human User Interface Design

Web Site Development

Database Development

Web Services

Backend Processing Applications


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