Zoran Connected Entertainment


Five HD commercials

Product design

  • Splash Screen, set-top box Connected Media Device
  • Universal Main Menu allows for selection of media from 1st click!
  • Iconic Genre Selector
  • Media Market
  • Selecting a Video for purchase
  • Designs for an entire line of Connected products
  • Connected product line architecture slide from Powerpoint pitch
  • Award winning product iSee based on our reference design

About this design:

Zoran originally came to us for a simple contract programming job. We were tasked with adding a single feature to an existing reference code base. That small project quickly blossomed into a complete overhaul of the firmware for a new hardware device. Meanwhile, our visionary view of where their company could go caught the attention of their senior staff. After re-working their corporate positioning, we helped form a new division, the Connected Entertainment Group. Since that group formation, we have helped drive their 'connected' agenda through: design and implementation of new reference designs, conceptualization and consultation in the areas of marketing, corporate branding, presentations, and much more. In fact, the work we have done for Zoran has been so extensive that a new company was formed ( to provide technologies within this market sector.
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