Smithsonian Institute


Digital Docent

  • Tablet PC tuned for RFID driven User Interface
  • Museum Exhibits allow for individual object selection
  • Each object has more information attached
  • More information is as rich as is available
  • User Interface is touch driven and rich with detail

About this design:

We were one of a small group of companies invited by the Smithsonian Institute to design a guided tour device… a state of the art digital docent. The challenge included creating a model which would be revenue self-sustainable, information rich and simple to use. We proposed an RFI chip driven interface for a location guided tour, just-in-time consumer product fulfillment and a direct wireless tie to an online archive of rich-media, available to tourists over the web. For this project, we assembled a world class technology team including Cisco Systems, and a variety of other partners, including hardware, software and systems integration.
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