Fire Factor


Wildland Firefighting Trainer/Simulator

About this design:

This project began as a straight pitch for developing a traditional videogame. We quickly realized that we had a powerful new model for learning and playing. This project is available for investment. Give Gaben Chancellor a call at 1.831.421.9261.

A firefighter trainee starts out by traditional book learning with a twist... full featured multimedia! As the learner moves through the chapters, they will come upon both traditional tests and fully interactive game levels which demonstrate the lessons in a fashion never before experienced...

Using a Warcraft, or Command and Conquer remininscent play style, this strategy/action game allows a firefighter to manage assets and determine the strategy for defeating a wildland blaze. In a addition to asset management, a radio command interface was added to train potential fire fighters in the use of one of their greatest weapons, the radio.
Questions, more information or inquiries? Call 831.421.9261