Atlas Peak Olive Oil

Atlas Peak Olive Oil

Case Study: Atlas Peak Olive Oil

ContentX provided brand, web, packaging and marketing services

The Challenge

Atlas Peak was on a shoe-string budget, but wanted to begin presenting their products as a premium product offering. They wanted their multiple product package designs to have a family feel, with expandability into the future.

The Solution

Starting by examining the market and customer base, we designed a new logo that would work well in the speciality foods market. Growing the new brand platform, we systematically designed a product packaging lineup, and web platform to deliver a synchronized look and feel across their entire marketing landscape.


Premium product packaging puts a face on a premium product!

Quality Branding has global appeal...

Atlas Peak Olive Oil sells through 3 primary venues; boutique grocery stores, farmers markets and online through their website. Every one of these sales venues project the image and brand of Atlas Peak to the world, so a comprehensive and overarching premium brand look is mission critical. We provide that by building each new element on a strong brand look, carefully matching new elements with old and driving sales through positive customer impression and feedback.

“Finding a good designer is always a challenge. We got lucky when we found ContentX. Over the years, their support has been unwavering and of immense value to me and to my organization.”
Cathy Hammond, Owner, Atlas Peak Olive Oil

Interested in what the Atlas Peak Olive Oil is doing now? Check out their website:

Atlas Peak Olive Oil
As a boutique provider of olive oil,
they needed premium design to project premium quality.
ContentX built their brand from the ground up,
starting with the foundation of a new logo,
to matching print collateral to packaging and web presence.

Efficient Drivetrains

Efficient Drivetrains

Case Study: Efficient Drivetrains

Building success with marketing, brand and creative services

The Challenge

Efficient Drivetrains came to us over 10 years ago with a dream of building a company around their unique patents in the field of electric vehicle technology. They had big dreams of becoming an industry player, but were restricted by the classic financial challenge of a start-up budget. Success would demand premium quality work across a wide range of creative service requirements.



The Solution

ContentX was a perfect fit for their requirements. We are small, agile and reasonably priced. We have the flexibility to staff up based on fluctuating requirements. As we are a small design shop, they could speak directly to our designers. These features make us ideal for any size company.

For the last 10 years we have helped them grow and expand. There hasn’t been a section of their business that our team hasn’t supported, including:

  • Marketing and Promotional Strategy and Consulting
  • Logo and Identity Design and Production, from brochures to identity package
  • Videography and Animation
  • Interior Site Design for both facilities
  • Tradeshow booth and event support
  • Multi-language website and web outreach
  • Press Release and PR support
  • User Interface design
  • Realtime Promotional Software
  • Financial Acquisition Presentation Tools

The culmination of our relationship has been the acquisition of EDI by Cummins, Inc.  Now operating as a division of Cummins, EDI still relies on ContentX to provide comprehensive creative services for their marketing and sales teams.


We grew Efficient Drivetrains from an fledgling start-up to a successful corporate acquisition in just under 10 years!

Support from Start-up to Acquisition

EDI founders Joerg Ferchau and Andy Frank are true innovators, coming from the research labs of academia, to this point, where their technology to be found in most modern electric vehicles. In the early stages, they had the raw talent but needed to grow a team of cross-functional assets to build a company with potential for success. From the early days of experimentation and grant pursuit, through years of research and development, and now, with the feather of a corporate acquisition fresh in our cap, ContentX has helped the team with their creative services, marketing and promotion. Working with every level of the team, we have proudly stood with the EDI family from the beginning. EDI will tell you that a combination of relationship chemistry and design excellence is what makes working with ContentX such a rewarding long-term success.

Successful acquisition by a $20B company!

The proof of ContentX design value can be tracked over time, by simply observing EDI’s successes. $20M in investment (seed through series D). $25+M in state and federal grants acquired. $100M in pipeline generated as a result of successful demand generation programs resulting in integration into 27 vehicle platforms with leading customers like Daimler, PG&E, Thomas Built Bus, Freightliner, and Bluebird bus. From presentations and graphics, to printed trade show materials and interior location design, our marketing and creative services support has helped across the EDI organization to keep professional level brand a mission critical priority. ContentX has helped EDI show the world their best face, and can do that for almost any company and in any market, as our design is driven from the customer’s core business values, with brand efforts designed to support all aspects of the company face and operations.

“We don’t work with ContentX because of their past client list. We work with ContentX because of their people. They listen carefully and respond intelligently, with design work that clearly reflects our needs, desires and requirements. They are part of our family, and we would recommend them to any business who wants premium collaboration, outstanding quality and creative solutions to business challenges.”
Joerg Ferchau, Chief Executive Officer, Efficient Drivetrains

Interested in what Efficient Drivetrains is doing now? Check out their website:

Efficient Drivetrains
As a startup, EDI needed to grow fast
without being to afford a full-blown ad agency.
ContentX provided the plug-in flexibility of
on-demand creative services when they were small,
and helped grow them to the point of buyout by Cummins, Inc.

Mendocino Film Festival

Mendocino Film Festival

Case Study: Mendocino Film Festival

ContentX provided marketing, brand and creative services

The Challenge

Mendocino Film Festival (MFF) is a small film festival in a remote area of the Northern California Coast. Their primary challenges are to attract interested sponsors, increase membership, and drive attendance to their venues which are spread throughout the county.

The Solution

As with any complex organization, the solution was multi-layered. In this case, we started with the foundation, an existing logo, and built that into a true brand identity. A new standards package was created to ensure the various distributed teams would project a cohesive brand. Next, we examined and overhauled their public facing marketing materials. New pitch materials were created for the sponsorship drive. New outreach was strategized and created for the membership generation process. New ads were built for local papers, theaters, magazines and social media. A new branded look and template overhauled the show program. Each element that was created was reviewed by the MFF team and synchronized with the brand standards. The growth in sponsorship, membership and attendance was exceptional, and prepared MFF for its 10th anniversary blow-out!


Membership, Sponsorship & Attendance all increased more in one year than all nine years previous!

Membership up 35%

At the core of the festival are the repeat attendees, and as this area is remote, the membership is key to keeping the interest alive. Our new approach and polished materials drove an increase in membership of over 35%!

Sponsorship up 23%

Affluent donors and company donations enable special events, cover the costs of the large main tent and keep the wolves from the door. Recognizing this is as vital lifeblood, we applied new efforts and materials to this challenge, increasing sponsorship by 23% over the previous year.

Attendance up 42%

As attendance has been good over the years, the size of the festival had grown steadily. When we came on board, the festival had just made the leap of adding a large new venue to accommodate the sold-out smaller theatres. Of course, with the new size came new expense, requiring that attendance be pushed even higher. Our cross-system attention to brand cohesion saw an increase of attendance across all venues by almost 40%!

“Working with the ContentX team was a pleasure. Deep knowledge, unbounded creativity and lots of positive energy made the experience better than we expected. All that… coupled with measurable results! I highly recommend ContentX for any of your marketing or creative design efforts.”
Michael Fox, Executive Director, Mendocino Film Festival.

Interested in what the Mendocino Film Festival is doing now? Check out their website:

a small design company with big ideas

Duke Empirical

Duke Empirical

Case Study: Duke Empirical

ContentX delivers top-shelf creative services and product design support

The Challenge

Duke Empirical and its affiliate Duke Extrusion need to project a premium creative and marketing position to a demanding market, but their project timelines and requirements are sporadic, making having a full time marketing staff problematic. They also wanted their brand to be consistent across both companies, and throughout their product landscape, so they were worried about using piece-meal media productions. 



The Solution

As a small design company, ContentX understood the owners challenges and needs, and could be flexible with his small company requirements. As an outsourced provider, we could deliver on-demand services from a single source, while maintaining consistent brand application across all elements. As a small business, we were approachable, agile and reasonably priced with the flexibility to staff up based on fluctuating requirements. 

Over the last ten years, ContentX has helped the executive team at Duke with the following elements:

  • Creative services Strategy and Consulting
  • Brand identity support
  • Tradeshow booth and production
  • Product and prototype design support
  • Videography and animation
  • Press Release and PR support
  • Print and Collateral

Duke continues to innovate medical devices for a world desperately in need of such work. We continue to support their efforts on a case by case basis.




We helped grow and evolve Duke Empirical and Duke Extrusion through out-sourced brand and creative services.

Support from Start-up to Medium Sized Business

Duke Empirical has been breaking ground with medical innovation for years. It is a challenging business, with products taking decades to move from a sketch on a napkin to an approved medical device. Creative Services, on the other hand, are often produced in short sprints, and can be very different tasks based on the portion of the cycle you are in. Paying for a team to sit around waiting for something to do is just not financially viable. We fit their needs perfectly, as we work in parallel, having multiple clients in different states of product development. When Duke is ready to visualize a new product, or are moving on to printing a brochure for a trade show roll-out, we can spring into action. From the early days of growth, to Duke’s recent push to support their growing endeavor, we have been there by their side, a dedicated and internally knowledge provider with their best interests as our guiding principle.

“I have been working with Gaben, Ray and their ContentX team for years, and can’t say enough good things about working with this dynamic team. Gaben’s immediate grasp of complex engineering challenges help immensely as we attempt to communicate out products to a competitive landscape of products and services. Ray’s deep experience in marketing has been invaluable in presenting our on-going services and products to a hungry world.”
Rob LaDuca, Chief Executive Officer, Duke Empirical and Duke Extrusion

Interested in what Duke is doing now? Check out their website:

Duke Empirical & Duke Extrusion
As a startup, Duke needed to grow fast but didn’t have enough work for a full time creative staff. ContentX provided the adaptability of on-demand creative services combined with a wide range of product and marketing support talents.