ContentX was formed with the belief that premium quality was possible regardless of the economic climate. By maintaining a small core staff, and nurturing an experienced group of contractor specialists, we maintain high quality at a reasonable cost. Since our birth seven years ago, we have successfully shipped, on-time, and on-budget, over 110 media-related projects, from corporate videos to web sites, GUI's to video game animations. The scope of our work has crossed all markets and medium. Our formula for success has been to make our clients a success by maintaining the following core values:

Based on these goals, ContentX has survived and flourished. We help entrepreneurs build new entities in the face of economic challenge. We help mid-sized companies position themselves for growth, or redefine themselves in quickly changing times. We give large companies ways to produce media efficiently and effectively, without the expense of in-house departments.

And how does ContentX do all that?

Team Leadership

ContentX benefits from visionary designers and directors who demonstrate leadership in the face of a challenging business landscape.

Gaben Chancellor
C.E.O., Executive Director

Award-winning executive and creative director Gaben Chancellor, is a hands-on cross-media designer and project director. Gaben has built his business success around the strength of diversity… diversity of experience, diversity of skill sets, and diversity of projects. Nearly every one of the projects listed on this site have all been influenced by his design and production sense. For more in-depth information, feel free to request his resume. Contact Gaben Chancellor at 831.234.7847, or Email: gaben at contentx dot com, for matters concerning direction, design, writing, production or account management.

Ray Chancellor
Director, Account Management

Ray Chancellor has been actively involved with every facet of marketing, design and advertising for more than 30 years. Ray's education began at the prestigious Art Center School of Design. Ray then began his career in New York City with Benton & Bowles Advertising, working with clients such as Texaco Oil and Colgate Palmolive. He then moved to Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, continuing to work in Design and Marketing as well as TV direction and production, working with clients such as Shell Oil, Pepsi Cola Company, IBM, Lever Brothers and others. His capabilities include: brand development, advertising, package design, web development, media planning, corporate identity, marketing, collateral development, and multimedia, including radio and television production. Contact Ray Chancellor at 831.421.9261, or ray at contentx dot com, for matters concerning art direction, design, and account management.


This list is both a team list and a credits list. The people in this list are experienced ContentX project veterans and have made serious contributions to the projects on this site. While these people deserve due credit for making ContentX what it is today, we should also remember that for every name on this list, the echo of voices of many other helpers can still be heard…

Arcarese, Mark - In loving memory of 1967-2007-programming, digital art
Babatola, Martha - finance, project management, trademark/copyright law
Brown, Mark - programming, project management
Buchanan, Mark - information design, programming, digital art, music
Chancellor, Bonnie - photography, type design
Chancellor, Cody - product & production design, fine art illustration
Chancellor, Gaben - project, art & creative direction, design & production
Chancellor, Ray - creative & art direction, brand identity
Chancellor, Sunny - 3d production, illustration, prototyping
Crosby, Chris - videography, editing
Coulson, Tauna - brand identity, graphic design, art direction
Culp, Chris - 3d animation, game design
Davidson, Bill - 3d graphics, project management
Esguerra, Roi - art director
Fanning, Brian - sound design, engineering, music, system admin
Geisler, Tracy - programming, web design
Hare, Bruno - programming, videography
Hay, Jonathan - web / print design, photography
Hill, Zachary - print design, web design, videography & editing
Hironymous, Jared - producer, web maintenance
Houston, Duke - interface design
Kanai, Yoshitaka - 3d design, modelling, rigging, animation
Karlstrand, Mark - videography, 3d graphics
Keefer, Nick - art, animation
Kilpatrick, Jack - programming
Lams, Jeri - producer, web production, research
Machina, Mark - web, print and animation
Martin, Lisa - client contact, web design
Maynard, Micheal - programming, project management
Miller, Christy - web design, digital art, videography
Passannante, Lydia - project and art direction, user experience and interface design, strategic consulting, copywriting, editing
Polhamus, Doug - digital art, music
Rawles, Brian - editing, animation
Rhodes, Doug - digital art, animation, illustration, photography
Ridgeway, Reed - project direction, audio engineering
Scheferele, Tate - digital art, music, interface design
Sealand, Mike - programming
Stewman, Mike - web design, production
Traub, Dave - executive production, writing
Thierman, Eric - executive production, videography
Thomas, Dune - writing, audio engineering
Tobin, Peter - programming

Trying to get a hold of someone on this list or simply want someone from this list to work on a project of yours? Email us at:

Questions, more information or inquiries? Call 831.421.9261