ContentX was formed with the belief that premium quality is possible regardless of the economic climate. By maintaining a small core staff, and nurturing an experienced group of contractor specialists, we maintain high quality at a reasonable cost. Since our formation more than fifteen years ago, we have successfully shipped, on-time, and on-budget, over 110 media-related projects. The scope of our work has crossed all markets and medium, delivering success by maintaining the following core values:

  • Focus business efforts to client specific needs
  • Design solutions that focus on quality and creativity
  • Deliver premium in-house core competency
  • Produce projects on-time and on-budget


We help entrepreneurs build new entities in the face of economic challenge.

We help mid-sized companies position themselves for growth,
or redefine themselves in quickly changing times.

We help large companies produce media efficiently and effectively,
adding talent where and when it’s needed most.

“While serving as the Demand Lead Generation Manager for a startup server company, StoreVault, ContentX helped us with concepts, marketing and interactive graphics, making us appear as cutting edge as we actually were. In fact, we looked so good that NetApp purchased StoreVault, folding us into their server division. ContentX came with us, and soon was helping NetApp across a number of departments, from user interface, to animation, concept design to project development. ContentX brings a lot to the table, prooving every time I use them that you don’t need to hire a big agency to get big results!”

Lisa Brighton,
Lead Generation Director, NetApp

We design and develop for all markets and industries...

What follows is a list of past / current clients and the project types we have completed for them. In almost all cases, we consider this an active client list, as all our clients are satisfied clients. As we are a cross-media design shop, we have helped companies from every market segment, of every size, and are intimately familiar with the following markets for both Consumer and Business to Business positioning: Technology (both hardware and software), Food Services, Media, Aerospace, Medical, Manufacturing, Industrial, Entertainment, Media, Social Services, Government, Energy, and Financial…


Applied Materials – corporate website, intranet
– product demonstration CDROM, prototyping
Borland / Enprise – web animation, videography, animation
Capitol Records
 – CDROM game, prototyping, videography
Consilium – corporate website & secure intranet, 3d graphics
Creative Labs – animation, user interface, CDROM, prototyping
Dolby Laboratories, Inc. – user interface graphics, prototyping
Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal – advanced online research, prototyping
 – Animation, Writing, User Interface, Conceptual Design
Fair Isaac – marketing Flash CD-ROM
FP International – corporate website
Grolier Interactive – CD-ROM game
Hewlett Packard – product CD-ROM, animation
Intel – corporate presentations, animation
Iwerks Entertainment – GUI design, prototyping
Lockheed-Martin – GUI design, product videos, prototyping
NetApp – corporate video, product materials, advertising
– GUI design, DigitalMe online service design, prototyping
NHK Japan – 3d graphics, NASA real-time mars landing simulations for TV
Oracle – presentations, animation
Plantronics – Animation, Videography, DVD / CDROM
Rock Shox – 3d graphics production
SCO (Santa Cruz Operations) – corporate video, animation
Siemens – CD-ROM product demo, videography
Thorn/EMI – CD-ROM game, videography
Xcerra – videography, animation
Zoran, Inc. – CE hardware and software reference designs


AllU.S. Credit Union – marketing, advertising, videography, animation
Airport Access – logo, web, animation
Artstruct – web, video, logo
Atlas Peak Olive Oil – marketing
Banks Marketing – tools
Cabrillo Music Festival 
– projection design, photo re-touching , animation
Cyber Talk – online television demo, character animation, VR
Dago Red – marketing tools, videography
Daniel Steel and Machine – web, video
Duke Empirical – marketing
Dramatis – website
Enfish – product flash demo, animation
Equity Stone – corporate presentation
Everymail – website, presentations
Electric Pencil Designs – print graphics, marketing
 – Creative Writing, flash design, animation
Eon Interactive – executive production, web site & CDROM design
EVB – ecommerce
Fraser Design & Fraser Advertising – web sites, CDROM, illustration
Freedom Sky Ranch – web
Harmonyus – marketing, video
Humans Being (Feature Film) – blue screen o-direction, scene production design, special effects animation, compositing
iHighway – website, brand identity
IMF Solutions – corporate website, brand identity
Librx – web site, brand identity
MediaX – CDROMs, websites, print work, video game graphics, brand identity
Mendocino Film Festival – marketing
National Impact – website, brand identity
New Music Works – animation design & production
PrairieFire – web
Parkfield Blue Grass Festival – web
QuadState – web site and logo animation
Santa Cruz Guitar – website
Spruce Technologies – corporate demonstration DVD
TeleVere/Digital Lightbox – corporate websites
The Buzz – childrens educational CD-ROM
TelePost – media supplier, tradeshow booth, corporate video, print, web site
Viditel / Santa Cruz Networks – web sites, brand identity
V6 Ranch – web
Varian Kennels – web
Williams Roofing – animated TV commercial
and many more…

“Confidence is what ContentX brings to our company. Professional graphics. Insightful strategies. Instant Scalability. We are confident any time we turn to ContentX that they are going to further our objectives, meet and exceed our expectations, and deliver on-time and on-budget.”

–Kristal Furchau, Marketing Director, Efficient Drivetrain, Inc.

ContentX extends its gratitude to these significant project contributors, suppliers, and collaborators:

Arcarese, Mark – In loving memory of 1967-2007-programming, digital art
Babatola, Martha – finance, project management, trademark/copyright law
Brown, Mark – programming, project management
Buchanan, Mark – information design, programming, digital art, music
Chancellor, Bonnie – photography, type design
Chancellor, Cody – product & production design, fine art illustration
Chancellor, Gaben – project, art & creative direction, design & production
Chancellor, Ray – creative & art direction, brand identity
Chancellor, Sunny – 3d production, illustration, prototyping
Crosby, Chris – videography, editing
Coulson, Tauna – brand identity, graphic design, art direction
Culp, Chris – 3d animation, game design
Davidson, Bill – 3d graphics, project management
Dowaliby, James – finance, producer
Esguerra, Roi – art director
Fanning, Brian – sound design, engineering, music, system admin
Geisler, Tracy – programming, web design
Hare, Bruno – In loving memory of 1958-2010 programming
Hay, Jonathan – web / print design, photography
Hill, Zachary – print design, web design, videography & editing
Hironymous, Jared – producer, web maintenance
Houston, Duke – interface design
Kanai, Yoshitaka – 3d design, modelling, rigging, animation
Karlstrand, Mark – videography, 3d graphics
Keefer, Nick – art, animation
Kilpatrick, Jack – programming
Lams, Jeri – producer, web production, research
Machina, Mark – web, print and animation
Martin, Lisa – client contact, web design
Mathew MacLaurin – programming, art
Maynard, Micheal – programming, project management
Miller, Christy – web design, digital art, videography
Passannante, Lydia – direction, user experience and interface, strategy, copy and edit
Polhamus, Doug – digital art, music
Rawles, Brian – editing, animation
Rhodes, Doug – digital art, animation, illustration, photography
Ridgeway, Reed – project direction, audio engineering
Scheferele, Tate – digital art, music, interface design
Sealand, Mike – programming
Stewman, Mike – web design, production
Traub, Dave – executive production, writing
Thierman, Eric – executive production, videography
Thomas, Dune – writing, audio engineering
Tobin, Peter – programming

Harnessing creativity and collaboration
to build a better world