Case Study: Atlas Peak Olive Oil

ContentX provided brand, web, packaging and marketing services

The Challenge

Atlas Peak was on a shoe-string budget, but wanted to begin presenting their products as a premium product offering. They wanted their multiple product package designs to have a family feel, with expandability into the future.

The Solution

Starting by examining the market and customer base, we designed a new logo that would work well in the speciality foods market. Growing the new brand platform, we systematically designed a product packaging lineup, and web platform to deliver a synchronized look and feel across their entire marketing landscape.


Premium product packaging puts a face on a premium product!

Quality Branding has global appeal...

Atlas Peak Olive Oil sells through 3 primary venues; boutique grocery stores, farmers markets and online through their website. Every one of these sales venues project the image and brand of Atlas Peak to the world, so a comprehensive and overarching premium brand look is mission critical. We provide that by building each new element on a strong brand look, carefully matching new elements with old and driving sales through positive customer impression and feedback.

“Finding a good designer is always a challenge. We got lucky when we found ContentX. Over the years, their support has been unwavering and of immense value to me and to my organization.”
Cathy Hammond, Owner, Atlas Peak Olive Oil

Interested in what the Atlas Peak Olive Oil is doing now? Check out their website:

Atlas Peak Olive Oil
As a boutique provider of olive oil,
they needed premium design to project premium quality.
ContentX built their brand from the ground up,
starting with the foundation of a new logo,
to matching print collateral to packaging and web presence.