Case Study: Mendocino Film Festival

ContentX provided marketing, brand and creative services

The Challenge

Mendocino Film Festival (MFF) is a small film festival in a remote area of the Northern California Coast. Their primary challenges are to attract interested sponsors, increase membership, and drive attendance to their venues which are spread throughout the county.

The Solution

As with any complex organization, the solution was multi-layered. In this case, we started with the foundation, an existing logo, and built that into a true brand identity. A new standards package was created to ensure the various distributed teams would project a cohesive brand. Next, we examined and overhauled their public facing marketing materials. New pitch materials were created for the sponsorship drive. New outreach was strategized and created for the membership generation process. New ads were built for local papers, theaters, magazines and social media. A new branded look and template overhauled the show program. Each element that was created was reviewed by the MFF team and synchronized with the brand standards. The growth in sponsorship, membership and attendance was exceptional, and prepared MFF for its 10th anniversary blow-out!


Membership, Sponsorship & Attendance all increased more in one year than all nine years previous!

Membership up 35%

At the core of the festival are the repeat attendees, and as this area is remote, the membership is key to keeping the interest alive. Our new approach and polished materials drove an increase in membership of over 35%!

Sponsorship up 23%

Affluent donors and company donations enable special events, cover the costs of the large main tent and keep the wolves from the door. Recognizing this is as vital lifeblood, we applied new efforts and materials to this challenge, increasing sponsorship by 23% over the previous year.

Attendance up 42%

As attendance has been good over the years, the size of the festival had grown steadily. When we came on board, the festival had just made the leap of adding a large new venue to accommodate the sold-out smaller theatres. Of course, with the new size came new expense, requiring that attendance be pushed even higher. Our cross-system attention to brand cohesion saw an increase of attendance across all venues by almost 40%!

“Working with the ContentX team was a pleasure. Deep knowledge, unbounded creativity and lots of positive energy made the experience better than we expected. All that… coupled with measurable results! I highly recommend ContentX for any of your marketing or creative design efforts.”
Michael Fox, Executive Director, Mendocino Film Festival.

Interested in what the Mendocino Film Festival is doing now? Check out their website:

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